Collected articles, photos, stories and mp3s from Paul and Linda McCartney's 1974 Nashville vacation. 


Paul McCartney in Nashville, Tennessee

This site is designed to be a comprehensive display of all that Paul McCartney and his group Wings accomplished during their six weeks in Nashville, Tennessee -- "Music City, USA"


First, newspaper articles and photos from The Tennessean and Nashville Banner (defunct).  You’ll see it just as they saw it back in 1974.  The bolds, the italics -- everything -- theirs.

  1.     May 23, 1974 -- Beatles’ Paul McCartney ‘Winging’ His Way Here -- The Nashville Banner

  2.     May 24, 1974 -- Paul McCartney Plans Social Life While Here -- The Tennessean

  3.     June 7, 1974 -- McCartney in Nashville for 3 Rs -- The Tennessean

  4.     June 7, 1974 -- McCartney Here For Five Weeks -- The Nashville Banner

  5.     June 17, 1974 -- McCartney Visit Adds To Contest -- The Tennessean 

  6.     June 17, 1974 -- McCartneys Draw Squeals At Opryland -- The Nashville Banner

  7.     July 18, 1974 -- Paul & Linda Try the Gentle Life -- The Tennessean

  8.     July 18, 1974 -- McCartneys Wing Way Back Home -- The Nashville Banner

  9.     July 21, 1974 -- Linda McCartney: The Woman At Paul’s Side -- The Tennessean

  10.     May 10, 1997 -- Meeting with Paul all too brief -- The Tennessean

  11.     May 20, 1999 -- Maybe I'm amazed: Paul's comin' to town -- The Tennessean


Photos from Linda McCartney's camera took during the Nashville trip.


And finally, the songs (with bootleg mp3s) that Paul, Linda and Wings worked on with some Nashville musicians, acquiring the nickname The Country Hams.


Then a memories page, featuring interviews with Nashvillians who were there with the McCartney's during their trip.  


I would love to obtain the broadcast news stories the local stations ran about this period.  If you have any other ideas as to what should be in here, you can contact me at the email below.