Paul McCartney in Nashville

Beatles’ Paul McCartney ‘Winging’ His Way Here


The Nashville Banner May 23, 1974 page 1.

A Red Hot Rumor:

Paul McCartney, once known as the playboy of the fabulous Beatles (circa 1964), now a happily married man and father, reportedly is coming to Nashville.

The handsome British singer-guitarist-composer, currently red hot in the music charts with an album titled "Band On the Run," is scheduled to wing in early next month for some recording possibly under the direction of a local producer. McCartney is to be accompanied by his American-born wife (the former Linda Eastman, daughter of prominent new York lawyer, Lee Eastman), their three young daughters and his 5-man band Wings.

McCartney, his family and his musicians are expected to be here for approximately six weeks. It will be his first visit to Nashville.

He is reportedly "looking for a farm" that includes a small lake and ample acreage for horse-back riding, a favorite hobby of the McCartney clan and the members of the Wings band.

My source for this news advises that McCartney is probably going to record country-pop tunes and plans to use some Nashville Sound musicians on the sessions. (He records for the Apple label of England which is distributed by Capitol Records.)

However, according to a New York spokesman for McCartney, it isn’t going to be all work. "Paul, Linda, their daughters, Mary, Stella and Heather and the five band members plan to enjoy some of that good casual Southern living, and meet some people in and out of the Nashville music scene," he said.

McCartney has been planning to come here for more than a month. He would have been here sooner, I’m told, but "finding a place to live, suitable for his needs, isn’t easy."